About Us

Maakola transforms fashion into a force for good. Our mission is to make clothing a powerful tool that enables people to not only express themselves and their values, but to actively regenerate the planet. We use exceptional fabrics and cutting-edge technology to create a consciously designed, sustainable system where clothing is net positive for the world.

For too long, the fashion industry has grown through extracting environmental and social capital. We want to change that. By re-engineering processes to reduce the use of natural resources, eliminate waste, and guarantee people’s wellbeing, we empower consumers through design so they can co-create an era of regenerative consumption.

In proposing the possibility of phygital and regenerative fashion, Maakola invites customers to imagine the collective power of fashion to both display and take action. Maakola leverages the power of Web3 to explore the spaces where physical meets digital through tokens and NFTs, creating an integrated dance of fashion, self-expression and sustainability. 

Interdisciplinary designer and entrepreneur Aurora Chiste founded Maakola with the belief that what we wear can build prosperity and increase environmental and social capital.

Inspired by Ghanian women, designed for humans and avatars.

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