The Value of Slow Fashion

At first glance, a sustainably-made garment might look more expensive than its fast-fashion equivalent, but when you dig a little deeper the value becomes clear.

  • It lasts longer. Every piece of Maakola clothing has an estimated five-year lifespan (compared to 2.2 years for a piece of fast fashion). This is because we use high-quality fabrics that can withstand a minimum of 30 washes without fading, and we include a 1 ½ - 2 inch buffer in our seams so that our pieces can be altered over time.
  • When we buy fast fashion, we often forget to factor in the cost of its care. At Maakola, we use fabrics that can be safely washed in the machine, or handwashed, to save on dry cleaning costs.
  • We’re horrified by the amount of clothing gathering dust in wardrobes around the world (for example, an estimated 30 percent of clothing in the average UK wardrobe has not been worn in the past year). Because our pieces are custom made to your specifications, we’re confident that you’ll find yourself reaching for them time and time again, significantly bringing down the cost per wear.

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